ABOUT Thalia Brown / Chitrini

Yoga has been at the centre of my life since I was five,as a source of vitality, well being, and connection to nature. Initially taught Hatha yoga by my mother in 1966, I practised Iyengar yoga until 2013 when I discovered Satyananda yoga which inspired me to share my passion with others by training to become a yoga teacher.

I trained on the British Wheel of Yoga  accredited, Mandala Yoga Ashram Yoga Teacher Training course 2015-2017. My spiritual name Chitrini was given to me by Swami Nishchalananda Saraswati. I teach a playful, gentle yoga exploring the vitality of breath, which is attuned to the rhythms of nature. In essence it is a fusion of Yoga, Druidry and the Divine Feminine.

I teach weekly classes, one to one sessions, workshops and yoga walks.

Within the Three Hills  School of Yoga we begin with where we are, and what we have; adapting  yoga postures and breathing  practices to meet the needs of the individual so that regardless of age or body shape all may benefit  from the shared experience of yoga.

Breathing is at the heart of yogic practice.Breath is the unifying principle between the mind and body. As we develop the quality of breathing within our lives, through  Hatha Yoga, Relaxation and Mindfulness  we create a foundation for good health and peace of mind.

Travelling on the path of Yoga creates vitality and well being. It is an invitation to come home to ourselves, Druidry brings us home to a love of nature by attuning to the rhythm of the seasons. Three Hills School of Yoga in Glastonbury, draws its roots from the spirit of place.

You are invited on a journey into the rhythms of nature, where you may discover your essential self. There is the potential to awaken awareness of the senses through the vitality of breath.


The name Three Hills Yoga, comes from the three inspirational hills of Glastonbury: The Tor, Chalice hill and Wearyall hill. The masculine symbolism of the Tor with its iconic tower dedicated to St Michael as a solar hill, the white spring flows from a cave in its side. The red spring rises in the beautiful Chalice well gardens, associated with the feminine and the grail chalice. The local name for Wearyall hill is Fishers hill which in local legend is linked to the Fisher Kings castle in Grail mythology.



The symbolism of the three hills parallels that of Ida, Pingula and the Sushumna in Hatha Yoga which  are symbols  of integration, health, and transcendence.


Glastonbury is renowned as a place of spiritual sanctuary it has been a place of pilgrimage since ancient times. The inspiration for Three Hills Yoga came while I was on a pilgrimage to Lindisfarne.

Each sacred journey is an inner journey that is mirrored in an external one. Three years into training to teach Druidry, I went on a vision quest to Lindisfarne for the next chapter of my life after my son left home. My pilgrimage began at the well at Glastonbury Abbey. I stopped overnight on Salisbury Plain, in the morning I awoke from a dream in which my life flashed before me.

In the dream I was witness to a pattern of events flowing through my life where the waters meet between the rivers of Druidry, Yoga and the Goddess. It began with early memories of me learning yoga from my mother and playing yoga in nature right through to the present, on waking I knew that this is what I had to teach.   The druid Teacher training only completes with a dream or vision of what is going to be taught so that an inner gnosis inspires the teaching. On my return from Lindisfarne I enrolled on the Mandala Yoga Teacher Training course.

More about me:

I am an Ardbandrui, Bard and Druid of the Druid clan of Dana, An Clann Draoidheachta Danan.   My Druid Grove is the White Hart of Avalon. In 2010 ordained as a Priestess into the Fellowship Of Isis of ‘Ten Thousand names’.

Buddhism, the path of the Middle Way came into my life at 25 whist I was at Falmouth Art School in Cornwall. I began a daily mantra practice which  combined with Hatha yoga transformed my life, opening the door to compassion and inner peace.