Weekly classes  and Bespoke One to One sessions tailored to you

Tuesday : 6 -7 pm at The Red Brick Building Glastonbury 

Thursday : 12.15 – 1.15 pm at Meadway Hall Compton Dundon

Thursday : 7pm – 8.30 pm at Edington Village Hall

Gentle yoga,  Breathing deeper to relax and revive. Build core strength, improve flexibility and peace of mind. My classes respond to the rhythm of the seasons, to the cycles of sun and moon. Attuning to the Natural world helps us discover our essential nature.

The class includes:

Settling: each class begins with quieting the mind and settling the body, tuning in to how you feel in order to become fully present, so that yoga may happen through mindfulness in action.

Hatha Yoga: Hatha Yoga is the yoga of Balance; HA symbolises the sun  and THA the moon,, bringing these two into balance opens the Sushumna Pathway, of the Middle way. Hatha yoga is a combination of asanas , pranayama,  mudras and Bandha. Asanas or poses to stretch the body, develop core strength , release tension so the body may find comfort and be at ease.

Pranayama: breathing exercises  exploring prana shakti , the vitality of breath. Improving the quality of breathing relaxes both mind and body and is a foundation for good health.

Relaxation: sometimes includes yoga nidra.  The  yogasana  and pranayama prepare both mind and body for relaxation so there is the potential  to go deeper into the space of stillness and inner peace.

Mantra: Each class begins with OM the primordial sound of the universe and often finishes with the Shanti Path an invocation of peace

Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a, yoga mat cushion and blanket. As space is limited please ring to book a place. contact Thalia: 07706462563

I also provide one to one sessions  please contact me for further information.